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Parashat Lech Lecha

Why Throughout life, we find ourselves tested with Different situations? by Torah V'Nefesh And Hashem said to Avram, "Go forth from your

Parashat Lech Lecha 2017-10-27T14:53:09+00:00

Parashat Noach

Window to the World by Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky   Did you ever stop to imagine what life was like inside of Noah’s

Parashat Noach 2017-10-20T01:30:59+00:00

Parashat Bereshit

Meeting Milton Petrie - Spending some time with the chairman of the board of the world. by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein   בראשית‭

Parashat Bereshit 2017-10-20T01:27:35+00:00

Sukkot 5778

Parsha Summary  First Aliyah: This section recounts the story of creation in six days. On the first day G‑d made darkness and

Sukkot 5778 2017-10-04T17:43:27+00:00

Parashat Ha’azinu

The Bee’s Honey יהי‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬מלפניך‭...‬שתחדש‭ ‬עלינו‭ ‬שנה‭ ‬טובה‭ ‬ומתוקה May it be Your will… that You renew for us a good

Parashat Ha’azinu 2017-09-25T23:31:06+00:00

Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech

Paying Attention to the Voice of the Almighty When the Chofetz Chaim, zt”l, used to hear thunder he would ask “What does

Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech 2017-09-15T02:35:46+00:00

Parashat Ki Tavo

Getting Real With Reality vs.  “Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die” If you do not obey God, your God

Parashat Ki Tavo 2017-09-08T14:18:22+00:00

Parashat Ki Tetze

 Fundamentals of Education This article is what every parent needs to read "When a man has a wayward, rebellious son, who does

Parashat Ki Tetze 2017-08-30T16:31:24+00:00

Parashat Shoftim

Torah Tells Us To Judge Yourself - First  Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your cities… and they shall judge

Parashat Shoftim 2017-08-24T18:24:38+00:00

Parashat Re’eh

Pictures of Potential and Prosperity Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l in his unique style describes the fascinating beauty of a fruit’s progressive development.

Parashat Re’eh 2017-08-15T17:47:56+00:00