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Our Story

The Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Program strives to connect Jews and Judaism, no matter if one was born Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or is unaffiliated. The rabbis work with program participants to strengthen the student’s Jewish identity through hands-on educational experiences. These exercises empower even those with little or no knowledge, or religious background. Together, we explore what it means to be Jewish, and the beauty and deep meaning of our shared traditions. We explain everything and anything to anybody who may have previously felt lost or disconnected from Judaism.

The Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Program gives students the tools they need to live better lives by studying aspects of Jewish law and philosophy. Basic Jewish concepts are discussed, and how these ideas apply in everyday life is explored. We examine the core concepts of Jewish thought, and explain the relevance of being Jewish in today’s world. We define major tenets of Jewish thought from a rational perspective, and explore major themes and practices in Jewish spirituality.

Why Give?

“It is a great mitzvah to support them by doing so you could be sure that you are supporting a great cause for the future of the Persian Jewish community.”

-Rabbi Dr. Baruch Amiri

“I have been personally involved and witnessed their achievements. I highly recommend them for this great Mitzvah to help them further their cause.”

-Rabbi David Zargari, Rabbi of Torat Hayim Congregation

Make a Difference

Our goal is to elevate Jews of all backgrounds to greater knowledge, closeness, and appreciation of the harmony of Hashem, his Torah and his people. For achieving this we need your continued help and support.

Bait Aaron would be thrilled if you would kindly share your ideas and suggestions, so that we could enhance our programs, and coordinate something that would be enjoyed and benefited by all.

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