Parashat Bereshit

Meeting Milton Petrie - Spending some time with the chairman of the board of the world. by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein   בראשית‭

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Parashat Mishpatim

Rights And Obligations When you lend money to My people(22:24)/ In Judaism you are what you do I live in a city

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Parashat Ha’azinu

Bait Aaron wishes everyone  Chag Kasher V’Sameach the sukkot experience By Rabbi Mendel Weinback zt”l On Sukkot, of course. The Torah commands us

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Parashat Vayelech

Creative Ways to Make Yourself Do the “Right Thing”  By Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb We all have some bad midot (character traits) and

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Parashat Nitzavim

The Time Is Now: Rosh Hashanah By Rabbi Yaakov Mencken “And G-d remembered Sarah as He had said, and G-d did for

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Yamim Noraim Schedule

Erev Rosh Hashanah Oct. 2 Evening Candle Lighting 6:17pm Oct. 2 Evening Mincha followed by Arvit 6:15pm Oct. 3 1st Day Shacharit

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Parashat Ki Tavoh

Reading the Curses - Opportunity to Achieve Atonement by Rabbi Eli Mansour Parashat Ki-Tavo is famous for the section known as the

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Parashat Ki Tetzeh

Derech Eretz, Chodesh Elul, and Teshuvah by Rabbi David Etengoff It says in this week Parasha “an Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter

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Parashat Shoftim

Sitting in Judgment By Rabbi Yechiel Spero In the beginning of Parashat Shoftim we are told, “judges and officers shall you appoint in all

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Parashat Re’eh

Sharing Our Joy The mitzvah of rejoicing appears in Parshat Re’eh in several contexts: eating of korbanot, maaser sheni, and the celebration

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