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Our Mission

Any Jew curious about his heritage, or who willing to take the first step towards knowing more about his faith, will be welcomed by Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Center and Rabbi Moshe Nourollah. They patiently mentor students as they learn, whether the student is a beginner or more advanced. Through study opportunities and friendly, upbeat, and non-judgmental conversation, Bait Aaron Outreach Center helps students bring a new dimension to their everyday Jewish lives. Founded in 1999, Bait Aaron “set up shop” in various locations in the Pico Robertson area. In 2013, Hashem blessed us with our own permanent location. We were able to purchase our own building!

Finally, we have a place from which we are able to reach out, offer classes, special speakers, minyanim as well as a night Kollel, shidduchim to match young people as well as marriage counseling to young couples and many more events and services.


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About Rabbi Nourollah

The goal of the Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Program is simple: to connect Jews and Judaism and to help guide people to leading fulfilling Jewish lives. Since being started in 1999 by Rabbi Moshe Nourollah, the program has helped many Jews reach a deeper understanding of their heritage. From Crash courses in Hebrew and basic Judaism, to in-depth Torah study, from Bar Mitzvah preparation to practical programs on deepening an understanding of Shabbat, Rabbi Nourollah and his fellow rabbis have helped draw hundreds of people closer to their Jewish traditions.

Rabbi Nourollah was born in Iran and moved to the U.S. at the age of 18. Always interested in helping people, he was admitted to pre-Med studies at the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. While there he understood that his passion for helping people was more in a spiritual manner and he received a Bachelor of Talmudic Law from Yeshivat Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, Maryland. The father of five boys and one girl and married to his New York born wife, Batya, Rabbi Nourollah has a special understanding of the needs of today’s youth. Regular Tuesday evening study sessions are open to all. They are well attended by a broad group of young people studying text and receiving the tools necessary to participate in the modern world while always proudly maintaining their Jewish heritage.

The Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Program gives people the background they need to live better lives by studying aspects of Jewish law and philosophy. As an expert on kosher slaughtering, Rabbi Nourollah is able to draw on his broad experience to show people just how “do-able” observing the kashrut laws can be. In addition, Rabbi Nourollah and his fellow rabbis offer guidance on other aspects of Judaism, such as observing the Shabbat and maintaining the traditional daily prayer schedule. No matter if one was born Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or is unaffiliated, any Jew curious about their heritage will be welcomed by Rabbi Nourollah. Through comprehensive programming and a friendly, upbeat, and non-judgmental atmosphere, the Bait Aaron Torah Outreach Program helps connect the timeless Jewish tradition with modern life.